DAVA Festival

Why another music festival? Introducing DAVA – The new age citadel – by Flavia M. Mocan (La Résistance)

In the past few years the landscape of music festivals exploded in Romania. Each and every one is special in its own way and has its particularities that attract some and push away others, yet lately they kind of start to look alike.

But we’re going to talk about one in particular, DAVA Festival – The new age citadel. And I know what you’re going to ask, wait… another one? Why should I listen to this?

The answer is simple, because I’m going to tell you the particularities of DAVA and I bet that by the end of this piece, you’re going to buy a ticket.

Firstly, the festival is located in the historic region of Transylvania, and out of all the places, I think this is the one to truly make you feel different. The landscape is unique, giving the sort of medieval vibe and tingling feeling, the one you get when you feel that even the walls could tell you a story. And just imagine – a dizzy state of mind, wandering around, breathing life and seeing this skyline.

Another huge reason to give DAVA a try is the line-up. All artists that have worked so hard to show their passion and prove themselves to the public are to be appreciated and recognized. But we’re all a bit exhausted by the similar line-up many stages nationally and worldwide have to offer.

DAVA brings in a unique mix, the kind offered by Dakini or alike festivals. Stefano Noferini, Monkey Safari, Sebastien Leger, Simina Grigoriu, Wankelmut, 2000 and one, Artslaves, Marc Grabber, Marika, Mihai Popoviciu, Stefan Biniak, Ada Kaleh, Addo, Aleksan’dru, Alex Sharp, Charlie, Dubphone, Gabriel Ross, Kole, Victhor (live) and many, many more, as diverse as possible.

The road to the festival is filled with stops, no matter where you’re coming from. Close to the festival, you have the famous panorama view over Sighisoara, the Church on the Hill, Sighisoara’s Citadel and for the ones who feel more adventurous you can end your journey in the Breite Reservation, the Ancient Oak Tree Reserve.

The cool stuff doesn’t end here. DAVA knows that you’re probably broke by now after all these festivals and great parties, therefore the day ticket is only 99RON and the full festival experience – a mere 199RON. The best part? They offer free camping and parking! Other festivals… please, take notes! We don’t want to pay to set up our tents or park our cars anymore.

The other goodies are in order, food and drinks area, two wild stages (Tunnel and Origins – excited to go back to the Origins but damn curious to see why it’s called The Tunnel), 30 international DJs, good vibes and unforgettable moments.

This will be a truly mystical musical journey, not just another techno party. So get your groove on, your funk on, your dancing shoes on and what have you and join us.

P.S. Third wave of artists is out, check out the event: